Technical Divisions

   Trial research studies on technical skills in the field of the powder and powder metallurgy.

        Fundamental of Powder Metallurgy (chair: Prof. Ishihara)

             PM powder production technology (Mr. Arami)

             Powder Metallurgy Science (Prof. Shinagawa)

             Assessment of Technology and Quality (Prof. Itoh)

             Mechanical Alloying (Prof. Ishihara)

        Hard Materials (chair: Prof. Matsubara)

        Magnetic Materials (chair: Prof. Kitamoto)

             Ferrite Materials (Prof. Kitamoto)

             Hard Magnetic Material (Prof. Sugimoto)

        Fundamental of Powders (chair: Prof. Fuji)

        Powder Forming (chair: Prof. Kondoh)

             Forming ・ Working (Prof. Kondoh)

             Isostatic Pressing Technology (HIP/CIP) (Mr. Masuoka)

             Injection Molding (Mr. Nakayamai)

             Additive Manufacturing Technology (Dr. Nomura)

        New Functional Materials (chair: Mr. Shimada)

             Functional Composite Materials (Prof. Sugahara)

             Metallic Glasses and a Nano Structural Materials (Prof. Yamasaki)

             Optical Materials (Prof. Tanaka)

             Functionally Graded Material (Prof. Goto)

             Bio-inspired Materials (Prof. Otsuki)

             Ionic Conductivity Materials (Prof. Machida)

             Functional Oxide Materials (Prof. Shimakawa)

             Electronic Components and Materials (Mr. Shimada)

        Sintered Parts for Automobile (chair: Mr. Tsutsui)