Information for Admission to JSPM

                Anyone interested in powder and powder metallurgy,can now become a member and receive
             “Journal of the Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy”.

             Those who desire to join our Society will please read the following outline and send us the
             application form by e-mail (pdf file) or fax, after filling in required matters.

                  OUTLINE FOR ADMISSION

                   The memberships shall consist of Regular Members, Student Members, Corporation Members.


                        A.The member will receive a free distribution of the “Journal of the Japan Society of Powder
                          and Powder Metallurgy” in each month.

                        B.The Journal of the Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy is opened to the public
                          web site of J-STAGE. Everyone can see all the abstracts and references, but PDF files of the
                          papers can be seen and obtained only by the members to whom the ID and password will be
                          given for accessing.

                        C.The members can contribute to the “Journal of the Japan Society of Powder and Powder
                           Metallurgy”, although the editorial board has the right to accept, to request to revise or to
                          reject the papers.

                        D.The members have the right to apply for an opportunity to lecture on their research work
                          at the academic meetings held by the Society,but they must observe the rules for

                        The members must pay their annual dues so that the dues will reach the office in April of
                        each year.
                        Those who apply during the year are to pay their dues at the time of application.

                 The Admission Fee & Annual Dues

Regular Member Student Member * Corporation Member (1Unit)
Admission Fee \ 3,000 \ 1,000 \ 30,000
Annual Dues \12,000 \ 3,000 \120,000

                    * The student has to submit the copy of his or her ID card of the university to the office of JSPM.

                   The Journal of the Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy will be sent
                     by sea mail. If you hope the Journal will be sent by air mail, you should pay the additional charge.
                      ・ Sea Mail ― free
                      ・ Air Mail ― additional charge \5,000

                   After we receive your application form, we will send the Invoice (pdf) of the admission fee and
                     annual dues to your e-mail. Please remit to the following account of JSPM.

                  DOWNLOAD     Application Form (Regular & Student Member)

                                Application Form (Corporation Member)